Stranger Moons

This was a solo game project I developed in Unity using Playmaker visual scripting, Photoshop, and 3dsMax. It’s a “metroidvainia” style platformer / point-n-click adventure game, inspired by “Out of This World, Metroid, and a book by George Zebrowsy called, “Stranger Suns”. I put this here not to demonstrate art so much, but more to show I’m capable of developing fully functioning games on my own from scratch, hoping that speaks to my technical experience and passion for game development in general.

Other Art

Here are samples of sketches, models, and other things I’m interested in posting. The first one was a VR concept for playing the Joust arcade inside of a Joust level. Then some creature sketches plus a low poly 3d model of one of them. Also included is a Zbrush character sketch, some flat stylized landscapes, and some weird black & white things.