Other Stuff

Stranger Moons was a solo game project I developed when I took a year off of employment to spend on my own personal endeavors. I used a visual scripting tool called Playmaker for Unity to put it together. The 3D art and character animations were built in 3DsMax. It was a metroidvainia style platformer and point-n-click adventure hybrid game, highly inspired by “Out of This World, Flashback, and Metroid. The title was actually inspired by a book from George Zebrowsky titled, “Stranger Suns”.

Here’s a look at some other random art stuff I’ve created over the years.

Old Demo

VR Concept – Joust Arcade

Farmville Critters

Looping Portal – FX Demo

Just a little portal built in After Effects. It was sliced into 3 segments to open, idle loop, and then close.