Welcome to my portfolio. Hope you enjoy reviewing samples of my work. My focus is on developing user interface art & animation for games. I’m skilled in both 2d and 3d art & animation, and have a deep understanding of games’ systems & technology.

2D Elements & Icons

Below are samples of UI elements (panels/buttons/cards/banners), and some examples of different types of icons (flat/ floating/area-filling). I enjoy creating 2d art with vector shapes and/or hand painting… whatever the content calls for.


I’ve gotten pretty quick and adapted to working in Unity, and I typically just build wireframes directly in it to later be iterated on into the final content. In the past I built my own set of wireframing assets to use for this. Regardless of tools or pipelines, I’m experienced in translating system designs into usable content for rapid prototyping of layout and flow.

Styles & Themes

I’ve built several full game UI’s over the years (mostly but not limited to mobile games) and have learned quite a bit. I’m always looking forward to exploring new genres, styles, and themes.

Animation & Effects

I have a background in 3D modeling, animation, and creating visual effects. This allows me the knowledge and skills to bring almost any creative idea to life from concept to final product.

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